Dan Baker

The man who walks the People Side of the Street
in trucking and related industries

Songs & Poems

Over the years, Dan has written hundreds of poems, articles and stories. He has also written and recorded several trucker songs. Many times, he will recite the words to one of his poems or songs and people ask where they can get a copy of this or that one

Here are two of his poems, two in print and one recited:

"Add It Up"

The day will come, when you will lie Upon the bed in which you'll die. The grief-filled eyes, of those who care Will vanish soon, as if in air.

For all that counts upon that day Will be the price you dared to pay. The love you had, the love you gave Is all that counts when in your grave.

The things that ate up all your time, They matter not now in your mind. And as the light and darkness meet, Life hands to you your balance sheet.

And by yourself you read the score, It's all of love, and nothing more! The money, time, and wasted days Are not allowed to have their say.

Alone you see with tearful eye, That values on the years gone by, Were not of things you held so dear. But only of the people here. And as your spirit starts to soar, Twas love and nothing, nothing more.

"The Real Issue"

It's not how much I got or made. Or where my name's engraved. Nor will it ever matter, How many clapped and raved.

How many clapped and raved. There sits no jury in my gold. No judge will see my fame. For the tally sheet that adds me up, Will slowly spell my name.

And after that, just one dot more; A question will be posed. How deeply did he share his life,

And cause this world to grow? Did this man love? Did this man share? Did this man dare enough to care?

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