Dan Baker

The man who walks the People Side of the Street
in trucking and related industries

Dan's Video

Dan has a way of combining his Texas warmth, wit and wisdom with a stimulating and thought provoking message that drives to the heart of our need to understand ourselves and our relationships.


  • Fifty-two high definition videos; designed to be viewed once a week for a year.
  • Each video is two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half minutes in length.
  • Each session deals with a dispatcher/driver relationship issue.
  • Designed to be viewed at participant's work station.
  • Each session followed by a brief quiz to validate participation.
  • Designed to accommodate today's younger, hi tech generations.
  • Brief, to the point and done.
  • Fun, entertaining, educational at the same time.
  • Focused on real-life dispatcher/driver situations and problems.
  1. Focuses Mainly on the Role of the Dispatcher/Driver Relationship
  2. The Role of the Dispatcher
  3. The Roles of the Driver
  4. The Basic Nature of that Relationship
  5. The Company – Customer – Driver Relationship
  6. How to Work with the Other Company Departments
  7. The Dispatcher as CEO of His/Her Fleet
  8. Gett'm Rollin'- Gett'm Paid - Gett'm Home
  9. Keepers of the Culture!
  1. Focuses Mainly on How we Deal with Ourselves
  2. Attracting Instead of Recruiting Drivers
  3. Building a Culture that Attracts
  4. Learning to Manage Our Own Thinking
  5. Dealing with Conflict Resolution
  6. Building a Culture of Trust and Respect
  7. Building Relationships that Last
  8. Learning to See the Good in People
  9. Working on What Makes People Tick
  1. Main Focus is On the Generational Turnover
  2. Customs and Traditions of the WWII Generation
  3. The Value of the Boomer Work Ethic
  4. The Gift of the Generation X Group
  5. The Emergence of the Millennials
  6. Keeping the Value of the Work Ethic
  7. Adjusting Our Work to the Leisure Ethic
  8. Tendencies and Characteristics of the Generations
  9. Our New Challenges In Trucking

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